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what is hifi speaker -page3

Regarding hifispeaker  system in of a power amplifier electric circuit compose largely parts, one of its fidelity targets is the frequency response. The nearly all power amplifier, it has the frequency sound characteristic is not completely even really, i.e. it cannot give the similar enlargement to the sound source signal's various frequency component, especially in high, the low frequency both sides has the big weaken. In order to adjust and adjusts this kind not to be balanced? Has established the multi-frequency band frequency balancer in the sound system. appreciates the concert. The person spirit will then rouse, not only this as a result of that interesting to listen to music melody? But that plays the scene third dimension which more importantly and sings. However often will actually make one through the sound system broadcast's record program feel that will be monotonous, is tasteless. This besides other factors, a substantial clause is in program's record, puts in the process, all music signal must the signal which creates through a signal channel " crowded " and disturbs mutually. Therefore. In modern hifi speaker system? Besides uses the duplex sound track stereophonic sound system, but also has the multi-sound track stereo sound, the encirclement stereo sound as well as to strengthen the scene feeling the digit delay circuit and each kind of scene the sound effect processing electric circuit. These electric circuits besides restore the scene effect. Also has the part is the additional artificial effect. But no matter to restore scene effect to increase the new effect. Its goal always to maximum limit cause through the sound system broadcast record program, approaches and achieves the effect which the scene performance, sings.



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