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what is hifi speaker --page1

What is the hifi speaker system? How to appraise a set of high fidelity sound equipment? Here must first be clear about such concept, sound which of the scene performance is actually the so-called hifi speaker system guarantees the sound source which really guarantees, according to high fidelity system's original intention, what it guarantees is the scene performance really, namely through the high fidelity system broadcast's program, must with the scene performance's effect same or basic close. However must achieve scene performance's effect, from broadcasts on this link the attention is only not enough, must from the scene performance, the program record, the program source manufacture to meet the high fidelity specification until the broadcast entire process, also includes in the broadcast process to the signal essential beautification. Appraises hifispeakerequipment's fidelity, although had stipulated many quantification technical specification, like the frequency sound, the degree of distortion, the transient response and the signal-to-noise ratio and so on, they were the measurable quantity targets which merely actually should achieve for checker's fidelity. Through examines these targets, understood indirectly this equipment broadcast the signal and the scene performance's close degree or has the wide difference. A set of good high fidelity sound, it broadcasts the effect to the very close scene performance's effect



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