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the detail of hifi speaker -page2

Because each kind of new family theater's new technology, the new variety equipment emerge unceasingly, in market numerous acoustic equipment varied assortment, dazzling, acoustic amateur and general family when the disposition, selects and purchases the family theater sound equipment is done frequently by the acoustic equipment store's in equipment is dazzled, starts without knowing where to begin, often invests the great fund not to be able to obtain the good replay effect. Investigates its reason mainly to lie in the general family theater system to select and purchase to the hifi speaker system and the family garden sound system's characteristic as well as a difference not sober understanding, jumbles together easily both.

What is the high fidelity sound equipment? The affection sound's friend frequently may see on the acoustic magazine or the acoustic equipment has “Hi-Fi” English labelling, it is English “High-Fidelity” the abbreviation, the literal translation is “with the original sound highly similar sound”, uses in the sound system is “the high fidelity” the meaning, i.e. with records after the acoustic equipment replay's sound the scene records when emits sound the sound which the source sends out is highly similar, this kind of equipment is called the high fidelity sound equipment, or high fidelity sound system. In some to the high fidelity sound system replay sound effect's commentary's article, may see frequently described the equipment replay sound is “the original taste and flavor”, in fact is to high fidelity sound system its replay sound fidelity describing.before the high fidelity sound mainly has the sound source system, the level amplifier, the power amplifier and the sound box system composition. May see the high fidelity sound system's constitution from the chart to be more succinct, from beginning to end only then a main skeleton line, those who nurture the divine the sound system equipment electric circuit's design to carry out high is “succinct supreme” principle.






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