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the detail of hifi speaker -page1

About the hi-fi speaker ,In the past years, nurtured the divine the sound to be familiar with high for the people, is precisely because nurtures the divine acoustic high the basic composition system ── sound source equipment, the power amplifier, the sound box to music replay, brings for many acoustic amateurs and the family with has enjoyed happily, makes the people to understand music connotation; Has influenced own sentiment; Expressed the mind emotion, just like renowned musician Xian Xinghai said such “music, is the life biggest joy; Music, is in life spring; Music, is the furnace which molds a person's temperament”.in the last few years along with the television technology, the acoustic technology, digital technique's unceasing development, as well as the people living standard's unceasing enhancement, the family theater upsurge which emerges surges wave upon wave, the people have not satisfied purely to music the appreciation, but wants the movie theater to have the replay effect which the acoustic image unites to move back in the family, appreciates the colorful high quality picture; Listens respectfully to “the static like ghost lonesome, moves, if startling thunderclap” replay effect. The acoustic equipment also by past three wraps (sound source, power amplifier, sound box), changed the complex complex high definition large screen television, the projecting camera, VCD, CVD, SCVD, DVD, Dubi to surround system, SRS system, AC-3 system as well as DTS system and so on.



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