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speaker box's type and performance index (one)

Speakers also called speaker system, which is a sound system, an extremely important aspect. Because the quality of the playback speaker box sound system as a whole a great impact. At present, the program signal source equipment and have done a very high level of power amplifiers, so a high-quality audio, high-quality amplifiers and speaker system consisting of sound system, its playback quality is mainly determined by the speaker.First, the type of speaker The classification of speakers are many ways common in professional audio as follows:1. By using the occasion to sub: Professional speaker and the home is divided into two major categories of speakers. Home speakers are generally used for home playback, the playback sound quality is characterized by fine soft, more delicate appearance `beautiful and playback sound pressure level is not too high to bear the power is relatively small. Professional speakers are generally used for Kara OK hall song and dance hall `` `cinema halls and sports stadiums and other professional entertainment venues. In general the higher the sensitivity of the professional speaker, the playback sound pressure high, the intensity is good, under power, when compared with the home speakers, which sound more rigid, not very elegant appearance. However, in the professional speakers in the monitor speakers, and its performance is closer to home speakers, generally more refined appearance `small, so these monitors are often home Hi-Fi speaker sound system used.2. According to the playback frequency points: can be divided into full-band speaker `bass speakers and subwoofer. The so-called wide-band low-frequency speaker is able to cover the scope of `IF and high-frequency sound playback. Full-band speaker of the lower frequency is generally 30Hz-60Hz, maximum frequency of 15KHz-20KHz. In general small sound system with only a pair or two pairs of full-band speaker playback can be fully responsible for the task. Bass speakers and subwoofer are generally used to complement the low-frequency wide-band speakers and a dedicated ultra-low frequency playback speaker. Such speakers tends to be used in large `medium-sized sound system, to strengthen low-frequency playback of a sense of strength and shock. Use, mostly through an electronic crossover (Crossover) crossover, will be dedicated low-frequency signal into a bass amplifier, and then promote the bass or subwoofer.3. To points by end-use: general can be divided into speaker-based playback. Monitor speakers and the back to listen to speakers. The main playback speaker sound system in general as the main speaker, assume the primary playback tasks. Main place of performance of the entire speaker sound system playback sound quality of a great impact, you can also use full-band speakers plus subwoofer be combined playback.Monitor speaker used in the control room, studio monitor for programs to use, it has a distortion, wide frequency response, straight and very few modifications and other characteristics of the signal and therefore most able to truly reproduce the original appearance of programs. Back to the stage monitor speakers to listen to speakers, also known, generally used in the stage or dance hall monitor for the performers or band members sing or play their own sound. This is because they are located on the main stage behind the speaker playback and can not listen carefully to their own sound or sound of the band playing, it can not meet or can not find a good feeling, seriously affect the performance results. Back to listen to speakers made a general slope-shaped, placed on the ground, so that both on the stage, the stage will not affect the overall shape, but also in the playback is to enable people on the stage to listen to clear, did not seem to be fed back into the microphone the sound caused by howling.4. Press box structure points: You can



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