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New product EVioce

EVoice= Euphony Vibration, mini speaker fit for MP3, notebook, computer, iPhone, EVoice is designed and made by proprietary metallurgical producing technology, including special proportion of combining ingredients, method of crystalloid tropism, and means of optimum integration factor, selection of stressing ratio, and modern digital electronic circuits as well.

Our EVoice takes the signal from an audio device, and using world-first technology, effectively creates a sounding-board out of the surface to which it is placed, attached or fixed. This special method of vocalization is a breakthrough in electro-acoustic field. The design of this product is patent and trademarked, the core material used in the product is also made by our patent technology.

EVoice is perfectly suitable for business occasions such like presentation or discussion in a meeting or seminar. Simply plug the EVoice cabel into the laptop’s USB port, and place it on the table to get the high quality sound with enough loudness which can be clearly heard by everyone. Excitingly, unlike the traditional method, the sound field comes from EVoice is omni-directional, hence the loudness of sound heard by everyone is almost equal, regardless of the direction in which you sit. Now the laptops are becoming smaller and smaller, some UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PC) are not much bigger than a PDA, such laptops do not have enough room to hold a nice soundbox and their speaker loudness and quality are mostly designed for one person close using such like cyber chating. EVoice can be used to greatly enhance the entertainment utilities for such kind of laptops – enjoying music, watching DVD, playing games etc – given you got a small wooden or glass surface to put your EVoice on. By the way, explorering the different sound effects on different surfaces is also full of joy! Such an amazing gadget does not occupy your baggage more than a small coner, and it is extremly durable – e.g. when a cup of coffee is poured on it carelessly, just wipe it with napkin. See what a nice travel mate it is! Enjoy the joys, convenience and unique audio experience this high-tech product brings you!