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How feel from these speaker

I'm very happy with the sound quality coming out of these speakers.

They emit a very premium sound and are they are undoubtedly the best pair of speaker's I've ever owned.

I appreciate that they have a wide and clear field of sound and they are not nearly as uni-directional as my outgoing set of speakers.

Basically, each channel does not have to be aimed directly at your ear for a great listening experience.

The size of these speakers is a bit large for my space as they are hooked up to the computer in my office and sit on either side of my monitor.

I knew when I purchased them that space could be an issue so I have no one to blame but myself.

The depth of the speakers is almost comical. If you don't have a flexible space in terms of placement,

it would be worth your while to look for something a touch smaller.

Bass response is clean and sounds wonderful.

I expected a little more thump given the massive cabinet size, but with 6.5" woofers,

I don't think it is realistic to expect much more.

If it is chest-thumping bass you crave, a component woofer will be a required pairing.

The real question when it comes to writing a review is this: Would I buy these speakers again?

Certainly I would think long and hard about the size of these speakers and whether or not I have the real-estate for them.

If slightly smaller speaker could sound this good, then I'd do that in a heartbeat!

But, until I find those speakers, I'm going to jam out to my smaller.

Even given their dominating footprint on my desk, the sound they produce is just way too good.