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audio equipment of Useful

The safe use of audio equipment do? In this paper, provide some useful suggestions, for your reference:1. Note that the use of machine condition:????In general the use of the machine instructions in the conditions of use will be listed in the machine, such as:1. Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ - +40 ℃2. Relative Humidity: 50% - 80%3. Supply Voltage: 198V-242V4. Power Frequency: 50Hz-60HzSpecifically, it is required:1. To avoid extremely low or high temperature environment, the use of machinery, avoid direct exposure to sunlight has been the surface of the machine.2. To avoid in wet environments the use of machinery, machine parts to prevent premature failure or machine prematurely rust.3. To be sure before using the local power supply voltage compatible with the machine.二. Note that the use of the machine environment:1. Avoid dust and vibration environment, the use of the machine.2. In the four weeks the machine should be left enough gap to facilitate cooling the machine.3. For the power amplifier, should pay particular attention to maintaining the smooth flow of cooling channels.. The machine in use NOTE points:1. In the audio system, should pay attention to boot, shutdown order. Boot, they would first open sources such as pre-equipment, and then open power amplifier; shutdown,Should be first off power amplifier, and then off audio equipment such as front. Audio equipment if the volume knob, boot, shutdown ago, the best to keep the volume knob off to the mostA small office. The goal is to reduce the startup, shutdown, when the impact of the speaker.2. Is strictly prohibited charged pulling plugs inserted signals. The resulting shocks so as to avoid damage to machinery or speakers.3. Machines unusual course of their work, if given the sound should immediately be shut down, stop using it. And invites qualified and experienced maintenance personnel repair. OwnDo not arbitrarily open the machine, so as not to suffer more damage to the machine or cause electric shock accident.4. Note that the maintenance of the machine:1. Do not use volatile solution cleaning machines, such as petrol, alcohol and other cleaning equipment surfaces, wiping dust and use a soft cloth. Moreover, when cleaning the machine casingFirst unplug the power.2. Machines generally are not waterproof, and if wet with water, use dry cloth dry watermarks, until moisture dry before they can start work.3. Do not place heavy objects on the machine in order to avoid deformation of the machine.五. Safe Use of Machines:1. To refrain from pulling wet hands, insert the power plug, so as to avoid an electric shock.2. A long time when not in use, please power plug pulled out from the power outlet.3. Do not let iron needles, hairpins, coins and other metal conductive material and fall into the machine in order to avoid damage to the machine.4. Fuse replacement machine should be strictly in accordance with requests for replacement, is strictly prohibited the use of non-conforming alternatives.5. Machines in use, should take place of chassis safety ground.6. The machine is prohibited in the overload or short circuit conditions at work.7. In general in the civil power amplifier back on both auxiliary power outlet, do not connect through it hair dryer, iron and other electrical appliances, it can only beIs used to connect audio equipment.More speaker box wholesale,hi-fi speaker,jbl speaker and loudspeaker made in our speaker manufacture and speaker factory