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about loudspeaker

Loudspeaker lithium electricity loudspeaker's appearing on the market, has solved the traditional dry cell battery to the environment contamination concern, is responds the country to summon, advocates the environmental protection idea, protects the green Earth, it is mainly uses the handset lithium electricity technology to supply power to the loudspeaker, not only the battery life long, moreover is exquisite, is safe, is convenient, the original installation lithium battery including any mercury, the cadmium and so on virulent element, is not the true environmental protection battery, the user may feel relieved the use. the loudspeaker was in 1915 invents, from then on a generation of another generation of technical personnel have made the unremitting endeavor for its consummation. Until today, the home has the many electroacoustical profession factory to have develops the portable loudspeaker, mainly uses in the teaching, the tour guide, the outdoor activity, compares with the handhold microphone, biggest merit: The user liberated both hands. could not certainly compare these high efficiency microphone's sound, had each use respectively after all. Because the portable loudspeaker the shape size, the loudspeaker limit, generally the power has 3--8W, these declare 12W, even high efficiency loudspeaker, but is the business breathes out which does for the sales promotion commodity.



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