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about hifisperker

What isHI-FI speaker? What acoustic equipment only then Hi-Fi? What kind of audio equipment only Hi-Fi? HI-FI is English High-Fidelity abbreviation, the literal translation is “the high fidelity”, its definition is: With original sound highly similar replay sound. HI-FI is the English acronym for High-Fidelity, literally translated as “high fidelity”, which is defined as: a high degree of similarity with the original sound of the playback sound. Then what acoustic equipment's replay sound is Hi-Fi? So what kind of audio equipment is the Hi-Fi audio replay it? Until now still with difficulty drew the accurate conclusion. The exact date is still difficult to make conclusions. The sound professional with the aid in each kind of instrument, through each method, examines each kind of target to decide equipment Hi-Fi the degree, but the acoustic fan often judges the equipment through own ear whether to achieve in the mind Hi-Fi. Audio professionals by means of various types of equipment, through various means that to detect a variety of indicators to determine the extent of equipment, Hi-Fi and audio enthusiasts are often through their own ears to judge whether the eyes of equipment, Hi-Fi. Distinction replay sound high fidelity degree height, not only needs to have the performance fine equipment and the software, moreover must have the good listening environment. Distinguish high and low levels of high-fidelity reproduction of sound, not only the need for good performance of equipment and software, but also a good listening environment. Therefore, how to weigh the acoustic equipment's Hi-Fi degree correctly, but also has the objective test and the subjective appraisal difference. Therefore, how to properly measure the Hi-Fi audio equipment level, there is also an objective test and subjective evaluation of the difference. strict, so long as looks sees the image to listen we to be possible to be called to the sound this kind of scene AV, says from the wording meaning, the AV meaning is English word AUDIO (tonic train signaling) and VIDEO (video signal) a first letter gathers writes, HIFI is “nurtures the divine highly” the meaning. Strictly speaking, as long as the watch see the image to listen to the voices that we can put this scenario is called the AV, from the literal meaning is concerned, AV is the English word to mean that the AUDIO (audio signal) and VIDEO (video signal) the first one-letter co-wrote, HIFI is a “high fidelity” meant.                                                                                                                                                                                                     ******if you want to know more about our company products,please check---