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about hifi speaker 2

Strict, so long as looks sees the image to listen we to be possible to be called to the sound this kind of scene AV, says from the wording meaning, the AV meaning is English word AUDIO (tonic train signaling) and VIDEO (video signal) a first letter gathers writes, HIFI is “nurtures the divine highly” the meaning. the AV sound and the HI-FI sound's difference is not each ordinary consumers can distinguish, in here us must simply speaking a AV sound and the HI-FI sound difference, first in the price, the AV sound price and the HI-FI sound price has the fact which very big disparity this does not struggle, a set of upscale AV sound's price often can only purchase an invagination gate level the HI-FI system, therefore the price is the AV sound and a HI-FI sound box's important difference. the next in sound box's quantity and the quality request, the AV sound and the HI-FI sound box's request is completely different, the AV sound general many are by several sound box constitutions, these sound boxes have included the satellite encirclement box and the heavy bass effect box, these sound boxes and the HI-FI sound box compare, pays great attention sound box's power, the frequency sound, targets and so on distorted effect request, besides these, the AV sound box pays great attention between the multi-sound box's coordination coordination effect, but the HI-FI sound box is completely opposite with the AV sound, the HI-FI sound box is composed of two sound boxes, this kind of sound box has music reducing ability and the sound effect, does not have the sound exaggerationAbility, may guarantee that the quite high sound playbacks really. certainly along with the people to the sound effect request's difference, the AV sound and the HI-FI sound box turns toward the same direction to develop, the AV sound box also starts to pay attention to the sound acoustic fidelity gradually the enhancement, but the HI-FI sound box and in strengthens the sound effect gradually, in several years, we possibly will see next the more AV&HI-FI speaker sound box's assembly.                                                                                                                                                                                ******if you want to know more about our company products,please check---