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What is the true surround sound

The encirclement sound system will usually have the encirclement loudspeaker behind the audiovisual studio to erect, but behind the audiovisual studio installed two loudspeakers to have the encirclement sound effect by no means. If is only is again parallel from the front two loudspeakers a pair of loudspeaker to behind, then the latter sends out the sound with the former is identical, has not undergone encirclement sound effect decoding processing, cannot be called the encirclement sound effect system truly. Then, surrounds the sound effect the decoding part is what kind of? About the video disk or the recording tape these two kind of present home use film and television's main software, the sound part only has two sound track's signal spaces, may the simple the Dolby matrix code need to have generally left and right, central and surrounds four groups of signals, how can the ability “” to only have two sound track space software? The answer is central and surrounds in two group of signal insertion about sound track signal originally. The central sound track signal is the news which about two sound tracks both have, surrounds the sound track is both's difference. In other words, about two sound track synchronism's signal is the central sound track, the opposition signal surrounds the sound track. Then, originally four-track quadraphonic's signal has crushed into two sound tracks, but surrounds the sound decoder's function, is sound track's central committee and the encirclement signal separation (decoding) comes out interfusion about, hands over again by various sound tracks' megaphone with the power amplification, impels the loudspeaker. Therefore, surrounds the loudspeaker, the central sound track and suspends the sound which sends out in the front two about loudspeakers is not same, do not think, so long as meets group of loudspeakers again simply in behind, front about loudspeaker's signal will send out parallel, might obtain the encirclement sound effect.

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