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What is the equalizer

The balancer is one kind may adjust each kind of frequency component electrical signal to enlarge the quantity separately the electronic installation, through compensates the speaker and the sound field flaw to each kind of different frequency's electrical signal's adjustment, compensates and decorates each kind of acoustic source and other special functions, generally on sound console's balancer can only to high frequency, the intermediate frequency, the low frequency three section of frequency electrical signal carry on the adjustment separately. The balancer divides into three kinds: Graphical representation balancer, parameter balancer and room balancer. 1. graphical representation balancer: Also calls the graph balancer, through kneading board in rollers key's distribution, but reflected intuitively assigns out the isostatic compensation curve, each frequency's promotion and the weaken situation are clear, it uses the constant Q value technology, each frequency spot is equipped with on rollers potentiometer, regardless of promotes or weakens some frequency, filter's band width is invariable throughout. The commonly used specialized graphical representation balancer is divides into the 20Hz~20kHz signal 10 section, 15 section, 27 section, 31 sections to carry on the adjustment. Such people according to the different request to choose the different tier number separately the frequency balancer. Generally speaking 10 section of balancer's frequency by the octave gap distribution, use under the general situation, 15 sections of balancers are 2/3 octave balancer, uses in the specialized speaker amplification, 31 sections of balancers are 1/3 octave balancer, has most, in quite important needs to compensate fine under the situation, the graphical representation balancer structure is simple, direct-viewing perspicuity, therefore applies in the specialized sound is widespread. 2. parameter balancer: Also calls the parameter balancer, may adjust the balancer carefully to proportional-plus-floating control's each kind of parameter, sets up as an attachment on the sound console, but also has the independence parameter balancer, the adjustment parameter content including the frequency band, the frequency spot, the gain and the quality factor Q value and so on, may beautify (including smears) and the beautification sound, causes the sound (or music) the style is brighter prominently, achieves the artistic effects which richly colorful needs. the 3. room balancer, uses in adjusting in the room the frequency-response characteristic curve balancer, because the finishing materials (or reflection) the quantity are different to the different frequency's absorption as well as the normal resonating influence causes the sound to dye, must therefore use the room balancer to, because constructs the sound aspect the frequency flaw to perform to compensate the adjustment objectively.



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