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What is the compression limiter

The compression amplitude limiter is the compressor and the amplitude limiter general designation. It is the tonic train signaling one kind of handling equipment, may carry on the audio frequency electrical signal's tendency the compression or carries on the limit. The compressor for the variable gain amplifier, its enlargement factor (gain) may along with the input signal strong and the weak, but changes automatically, is in reverse proportion. When the input signal achieves the certain extent (threshold value also calls marginal value), the output signal along with the input signal increases increases, this kind of situation is called the compression (Compressor); No longer increases, is called the limit (Limiter). As soon as past pressure limited uses the hard inflection point (Hard-knee) the technology, the input signal achieves the threshold value. The gain immediately reduces, will like this present the signal in the inflection point (gain variation turning point) place the dynamic sudden change phenomenon, will cause the person ear to feel obviously the strong signal the phenomenon which will compress suddenly. In order to solve this insufficiency, the modern new pressure limited has used the soft inflection point (soft-knee) the technology, this kind of pressure limited around the threshold value compression ratio change is balanced, the gradation, caused the compression change to realize with difficulty, the acoustic fidelity further enhanced. the pressure limits may cause the musical instrument and chanteur's volume in the recording process maintains certain balanced; Guarantees each kind of signal strength balanced. Sometimes also uses for to eliminate chanteur's enunciation speaker, or using the change compression and the releasing time, has the speakerby slightly to increase “the counter-change of voice” the special effect. is reduces the greatly dynamirange in the broadcast system with it the program signal, in prevents the modulation distortion and prevents under the premise which the transmitter overloads, enhances the average launch level. in the song ballroom's amplifying system, the pressure limits is at maintains under the metamere goal style the signal through the compression, reduces music the tendency, satisfies the amplifying system and the artistic activity request.although the pressure limits has the multiple functions, the modern compressor has used the soft inflection point ordinary and so on new technology, may further reduce the pressure limits the compressor side effect, but does not mean that the pressure limited has not existed to the acoustic fidelity destructive effect. Therefore, in the amplifying system, do not abuse the pressure to limit, even if must use also to limit cautiously with the reduction with the pressure carries on processing to the signal. Not only this is the protection power amplifier, sound box's need, is also to improves the acoustic fidelity the need.



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