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What is the actuator

The actuator is one kind of harmonic oscillator, uses person's psychological acoustics characteristic, carries on the beautification and the beautified acoustic treatment equipment to the speaker signal. Through increases the high frequency harmonic components to the speaker and so on many kinds of methods, may improve the acoustic fidelity, the timbre, to enhance the speaker the penetrating power, increases the speaker the sense of space. The modern actuator not only may create the high frequency overtone, moreover also has low frequency functions and so on expansion and music style, causes the bass effect to be more perfect, music to have the expressive force. the use actuator enhances the speaker the clarity, may understand the nature and the expressive force. Causes the sound to be more delightful interestingly to listen to, reduces listening to be weary, increases rattles. Although the actuator only increased about the 0.5dB harmonic components to the speaker , but sounds actually, the volume increased about probably 10dB. Causes the sound the sense of hearing to rattle increases obviously, speaker image stereoscopic effect, as well as sound degree of dissociation increase; Improved the speaker localization and the sense of depth, but may also enhance the replay speaker the acoustic fidelity, magnetic tape's duplication rate. Because sound signal will transmit and in the record process will lose the high frequency harmonic components, will present the high frequency noise. This time the former first carries on the compensation with the actuator to the signal, after the latter available filter filters out the high frequency noise, then builds the treble ingredient, the guarantee replay acoustic fidelity. the actuator's adjustment needs the acoustic teacher carries on the distinction to system's acoustic fidelity and the timbre, acts according to the subjective listening appraisal to make the adjustment again.



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