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Tuning Tips Introduction

Many audio division, tuner faced with a dazzling display of sound equipment, they often find it difficult operation. Is to introduce readers to a number of tuning operations skills.???The feeling of the sound the human ear is relatively sensitive, it can directly determine whether the lifelike sound. If the sound handled properly, not only will the sound monotonous and boring, but also who will make musical instruments or singing a serious distortion, therefore, not ignore the importance of sound processing. For the male, the majority of relatively low voices, the lack of treble, in order to enhance the clarity of concerts, generally the frequency of extreme right 3kHz compensation; for female voices, the treble and it looks too many voices issued a "sharp", In order to sound loud and clear, and will not be too harsh, and can be on the 400Hz frequency components to compensate.How to regulate the reverberation timeReverberation reverberation typically determine the length, color and clarity of sound has a direct impact. Under normal circumstances, when the bass singing, you can get a shorter reverberation time adjustment in order to enhance voice clarity; if it is singing soprano, it can be appropriately extended reverberation time to increase the voice of color. For the concert venues, if the walls of the room surrounded by the wood material composition, and when the reverberation time should be adjusted smaller so as to avoid the sound vague; the other hand, if the walls of the room surrounded by the wood material composition, and then reverberation time should be adjusted smaller to avoid the name sounds vague; the contrary, if the room hung with velvet curtains and other sound-absorbing material, such as room reverberation time should be adjusted a bit more, so as not to sound dry. In addition, the size of the audience with the audience also has a great impact, because the audience's clothing is a great acoustic effect. Therefore, the audio division, piano tuner can be a ~ 2 seconds left to choose a suitable sense of reverberation time.How to regulate the direct sound and sound mixing ratio of componentsCompletely mixed with direct sound and no sound output, you can not play a role in the improvement and beautification of the voice, which is usually used only for the meeting to speak or recite the occasion. Appropriate to increase the proportion of mixed noise components are conducive to simulate a natural mixed sound, so that the sound plump appealing, increase the audience, only live three-dimensional sense of the masses. Completely mixed with the sound but not direct sound component output, then the sound would have a "stain" phenomenon, causing serious distortion, that is, as in the bathroom, heard the voice of baths, as vague, rows within the called it as "the bathroom effect. " Thus, in the absence of exceptional circumstances required to accommodate the adjustment knob in the middle position, namely, direct sound component and mixing ratio of 1:1 noise component, so that not only will not produce sound distortion, but also there will be a certain degree of reverb effect .How to adjust the microphone volume and the accompanying music would be a good ratio between the????A pleasant song, it should be accompanied by music, 40%, 60% singing voice, if the singer sound good, may be appropriate to reduce the weight of some musical accompaniment to highlight the singer's voice; if the artist of this song by the melody is not very familiar, easy to sing the tune, Hopewell is not on the shoot, in order to cover up these weaknesses, this time may be appropriate to increase the weight of some musical accompaniment. But in actuality, should be careful not to over-emphasizing great microphone volume, let alone the volume much higher than the accompanying music concerts. The results appear accompaniment sound too weak,More speaker box wholesale,hi-fi speaker,jbl speaker and loudspeaker made in our  speaker manufacture and speaker factory