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The placement of speakers

The location of the sound speakers placed significantly affect the performance, while low-frequency sound field positioning and is particularly serious.The following are the main points of the general speaker anyway, you may wish to try more:1, left and right speakers and listening position should be roughly equal to the distance between;2, bookshelf speaker placement should not be too high or too low. The usual height should be at the table when you listen toMeet the head position;3, under normal circumstances, speakers do not have to do any inward diagonal, unless your speakers spread poor.Each speaker to promote units to mechanical devices, power amplifier and other electronic equipment, components requires a certain physical and old, So they often need new equipment for a longer time to warm up before playing the sound to the soundPole. Warm-up period should be about 100 hours during this period with the medium-volume Lyrics and warm-up. GeneralFans called it a "praise" machines.



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