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The matching and the use of fever wire

With the upsurge in recent years, the rise of the music sound fever, fans of the Hi-Fi speaker and the pursuit of knowledge has increased a lot of new content, reached a new level, everyone knows that after a combination of audio equipment, for enthusiasts that is not satisfied and the end, still want right equipment, "motorized machine" to the next step to improve the sound quality. As a Hi-Fi device to connect the signal line and the speaker wire relatively large impact on the sound quality, this is not to be ignored. Today, enthusiasts have begun to accept. Some fans have just started on the choice of wire without a clear purpose, and some think that prices are too high is a good one; some fans think that little wire, the key is whether enough of the main grade audio equipment, etc., have different views and controversies. Therefore, it is necessary to wire the performance of knowledge and the correct choice and use of the main points of conduct are discussed.Whether it is the signal wire or speaker wire is designed is to allow music signal in the transmission process has not changed, but in actual use in the general wire is like a filter, they exist resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc., will pass on the signal have an impact, enabling the formation of signal transmission due to damping, the loss of information and the details of music, and so forth. Well-designed, and produced the most clear and non-destructive wire transmit music signal, and can balance and control of their properties, inhibit adverse electrical effects, given the current market, all kinds of wire variety, prices vary widely, the main brands are: U.S. MISSION (Bel Canto), MONSTER CABLE (monster); the Netherlands VDH (10000 Denhar), PHILIPS (Philips); Japan DENEO (climb), OSONIC (Aosuonike), PCOCC (Furukawa), MAKURAWA (Mike Novak), etc. Here we must point out that the market is fake wire frequently appeared, fans must pay attention to when in the purchase. We can see from wire structures, materials and appearance to do different: fever, are based on a higher-level wire purity ES-OCC (yuan oxygen single crystal copper) or OFEC (oxygen-free copper) conductors made of copper wire, with feeling flexibility, tensile, flexural characteristics, while the fake is the ordinary copper wire as thin wire conductor material, In addition, from the appearance of wire is also able to correctly determine its authenticity, authentic brand in general has a fever wire trademark, type fonts printed very clear, but it is difficult to use friction away, the appearance of sophisticated and standardized processes.Select speaker wire are the main points: First, wire depends on the structure and the materials used, if the wire inside the package is a multi-strand copper core wire made of thin strands, it is a warm type, characterized by sound at the end of thick, soft sound For music, cold, hard, high-frequency excess equipment can be used with this type of combination of wire, then it is refreshing ice-type, characterized by its fast, and analytical high alt performance of the stronger force, such a wire in excess of the low-frequency, sound too strong, too fat and slow increase of the equipment has assisted high-frequency analysis of power, low-frequency sound field cohesion and improve the efficacy of clarity. Such as the use of silver-plated core wire manufacturing process, then it is a powerful and flexible low-frequency strong, clear and glossy alt, sound pollution and distortion small, only higher prices. The signal wire mainly refers to the internal core lines

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