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The amplifier signal input terminal

Pre-amplifier or merge back amplifiers are arranged quite a number of signal input terminals, which are divided into pairs left (L or white) and right (R or red) arrangement. When used as long as the corresponding signal source device is connected to the corresponding signal input terminals can be, such as the TUNER (tuner), CD (CD player), TAPE (recording blocks), AUX (standby), PHONO (turntable), etc..In essence, except PHONO file, other TUNER, CD, AUX, TAPE input terminals such as the performance is almost exactly the same, so if necessary, they can be interchangeable between the generic, the effect exactly the same. Of course, many have a bi-directional amplifier TAPE file properties, namely, amplifiers and tape recordings seat is carried out in both directions. REC (recording) is the amplifier output should be connected to the recording input, Block, PLAY (playback) is the amplifier input should be connected to the recording block output.

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