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The VCD image and the sound quality has what insufficiency.txt

When regarding the VCD picture quality, from the massive practice's subjective sensation is in the image object migration, has jumps the person or household who refuses to move and bargains for unreasonably high compensation when the land is requisitioned for a construction project, namely said the animation effect, the background change is not smooth, appears unclean generally, the color transition is hard, is not exquisite, lacks the level, this when uses the large screen television and the S post is more prominent. Moreover as a result of the MPEG1 decompression way to the tone frequency processing limitation, the highest quantifications counts is 16bit, but cannot achieve 14bit feasible, therefore the VCD sound is not generally ideal. Moreover, regarding copies massively from the LD VCD movie film, because sets at and the encirclement information after the decompression loss very many, is unable to take seriously correctly, therefore is difficult to have the good multi-sound track effect, for human by unnatural feeling and certain distortions, therefore is not suitable uses is having Dubi the directional logic encirclement sound decoding A/V system. For the building good encirclement sound effect, uses processors and so on SRS 3D to be better. Although VCD has the retrieval to be convenient, does not have merits and so on attrition, but because the clarity is ordinary, even also does not have what superiority compared to the VHS recording tape to be possible saying that the acoustic fidelity stiff frail, dynamic is small, thus its prospects for development receive the very big limit.

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