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Speaker system with amplifier configuration

Of high-quality speaker system to re-release of a variety of music programs, then according to the properties of music signals, its peak factor of about 10-15dB from the amplifier to ensure quality in this perspective should be in this dynamic range limiter does not occur in any situation in which the The maximum output power of amplifier loudspeaker should be 5-8 times the rated power, so that although the power to configure sound good, but its investment will be very large, so usually this power ratio set at 1-2 times the speaker unit rated power. This range may be 1-2 times vague, and we can give you a more specific experience.1. In some limited investments in projects that require low but at least the equivalent of a power amplifier speaker's rated power, but not very much attention to maintaining the sound distortion, the power configuration looks too small will not damage the speaker unit, it is not true, is too small a power easily overload clipping occurs, producing a large number of harmonics, burned tweeter.2. General works proposed by the power amplifier power is 1.5 times, while some of the best bass of more than 1.5-fold, so to get a sense of sufficient strength.3. Demanding sound manner, such as studio monitors, concert halls, etc. Ideally, speakers twice the power of horses, (which with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standard developed by then with the recommended values in a program of the same)Design of amplifier power is no hard and fast standard, depends entirely on the investment budget and the quality of the request.

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