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Speaker Classification

Since the speaker has been invented, people have been for its frequency range extends to the ends of efforts, high-frequency top is now application of small-caliber lightweight diaphragm and other means which have been well resolved, but still with low-frequency bottom of the playback in heavy box cavity. In the low frequency end of heavy burst of sound pressure level with the speaker diaphragm can push air into the area, volume flow speed is the speed and size of diaphragm radiation product, so a smaller movement of diaphragm, if a longer distance --- - stroke, the same Big Cone receive the same low-frequency sound pressure level, issued a strong deep bass. In order to obtain the best bass performance, low-frequency speakers need to draw a box to work properly. Speaker's appearance varied, common mostly rectangular box structure of the main closed box, reflection boxes, transmission lines, passive radiator, coupled-cavity, and horn and so on several categories.Enclosed Speaker (Closed Enclosure) structure is the simplest speaker system, and in 1923 Frederick proposed that the speaker unit packed in a fully sealed cabinets composition, it will be the speaker before and after the radiation acoustic radiation acoustic completely isolated, but the due to the existence of closed-type cabinet, increasing the quality of speaker resonance of the rigid motion, so that the lowest resonance frequency of loudspeaker up. Speaker of the sensual closed some deep, but the bass and analytical is good, the use of ordinary hard-speaker surround, in order to get satisfactory bass replay, requires a large volume of large box, new speakers to use enclosed in the box sealed in the of compressed air quality, the flexibility of the role, despite the speaker installed in the smaller box in the back of the cushion Cone Cone would impose anti-driving force, so this small enclosed speakers, also known as air-cushion-type speaker.Bass Reflex Speaker (Bass-Reflex Enclosure), also known as phase inversion type speaker (Acoustical Phase Inverter), 1930 Nian Thuras invention, in its load, there is a loud mouth openings in the cabinet a panel, hole location and There are many shapes, but most are equipped with sound tube in the hole. The contents of the box plot the relationship between the sound hole catheter, according to Helmholtz resonance theory, at a particular resonance frequency, said anti-resonance frequency. After the speaker's acoustic radiation through the catheter to the phase inversion, by the loud mouth of radiation to the front, with the speaker prior to the acoustic radiation to conduct in-phase superposition, it provides a wider than the bandwidth of closed-type speaker, with a higher sensitivity, smaller distortion, the ideal state, the lower limit frequency of low-frequency playback speaker resonance frequency lower than 20%. This speaker cabinet can be re-released with a smaller rich bass, is the most widely used type.Acoustic-impedance speaker (Acoustic resistance Enclosure) is essentially a kind of inverted-phase deformation of speakers, which sound-absorbing materials or structures filled with loud mouth in the conduit, as a semi-enclosed box control phase inversion effect, so that buffer, in order to reduce the anti-resonance frequency band broadening bass playback.Transmission Line Speaker (Labyrinth Enclosure) is based on the classical theory of electrical transmission lines named in the speaker



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