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Sound-absorbing materials and sound-absorbing structure2

Ways to improve the architectural acoustic characteristics of sound-absorbing material in addition to, but also frequently in the wall and place a strong set of acoustic sound waves spread body / face, so that sound waves produced diffuse and scattered interior resonance frequency. To improve the sound of "dye" distortion (ie, tone modulation), and flutter echo. The proliferation of popular acoustic body shape, as shown in Figure 2-12, diagram (a) triangular, (b) for the arc-shaped, (c) the proliferation of bodies for the MLS. Three kinds of wall structure, the effect of the proliferation of bodies in order to (c) MLS as the best (1-3-2-1-1-2-1 random number), (a) followed by, (b) the worst.????4, the latest high-performance moisture-proof sound-absorbing material????Indoor swimming pool designed to build sound has been a chronic problem, as conventional sound-absorbing materials are not moisture-proof, waterproof, so swimming difficult to improve sound quality sound reinforcement system.????Professional audio equipment, installation material sound absorption capacity of????Know the structural dimensions of the listening room and walls of timber, after calculating the room's reverberation time is more convenient, as long as according to Sabine formula or formulas to Arun projections can, of course, the more accurate test instruments. If the first, the reverberation time requirements, again designed listening room walls, timber on the difficulties in the relationship between lack of space can not be detailed.????For the amateurs of the listening room, you can first look at the original estimates based on the reverberation time. A general result, the reverberation time is often rather long, because the family does not consider the decoration acoustic requirements, the use of ordinary materials, sound absorption rates tend to be enough. It does not matter, can be adjusted on this basis, but both must know the common capabilities and characteristics of sound-absorbing material.????Acoustic properties of the material forms a lot of parameters differ materially. Because of different materials, production process, even if the same name, material, porous structure will differ. Even sample different results would be different, but after all, can only use them as a basis. The table parameter is a combination of a few tables, but an endless stream of new materials, your home may not have the timber number. Material suppliers can inquire about, if the material has good sound-absorbing capacity, the factory will often provide this parameter, more correct to use them more. Sound-absorbing material is very personal, that is, for the different frequency sound absorption rate is not the same. Therefore, the use of a material to build out of the room, certainly not uniform frequency response. Uniform frequency response to room with a timber must be given full consideration. This acoustic properties of materials need to understand.????The reverberation time of long room, on the stereo and today's film sound multi-channel sound field position as unfavorable to the strengthening of sound-absorbing. If the room ill-structured, with a single material, size, another problem, there will be a strong standing wave, or some frequency reverberation. At this time should be even more professional sound-absorbing materials and designed to address. Stereo sound-absorbing materials used in porous sound-absorbing materials, plate-like body of acoustic absorption materials, and resonate with three speakers. Porous sound-absorbing materials, sound absorption principle for the vibration of air in and out from the narrow hole, the air molecules and materials and their own friction, to transform sound energy into heat energy, consumed.????Sonic molecular motion quickly, consume too will be done, and therefore such material on the high-frequency sound-absorbing ability. In addition, themore ,,,,