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Sound System Design Overview

The sound system design is a process, not a product. If it is a product, then it can be mass-produced, and can be used in many devices, like amplifiers or as microphonic. One specification can be satisfied with the design requirements of occasions, they can not be fully met, but their use for many users, very poor performance. The design process by a number of bits of information that the composition of the collection process, like jigsaw puzzle inside the fragmented images while keeping the assembly together, making that do not overlap between them there is no gap. So, in the end how to design a sound system? Some people make up a number of audio products such as roll out the product catalog loose-leaf, and then, like throwing darts, as used to paint strokes to go; some people do turn up something like a walnut shell to turn to go up until you find the walnut meat; while Some people easily calculate the answer in the most esoteric formula. Like a sacred ritual held in general, and then compared to thousands of listeners to identify a simple 8-inch speaker cone (203MM).Four kinds of design toolsThe success of the audio system designer, the first tool is to know. The designers are now than 25 years ago, the designer to be much luckier, because there is an extremely rich source of sound engineering knowledge available. Numerous, even countless reference completely covers all aspects of this field (Davis and Davis, 1987; Giddings, 1990; Ballou, 1991). A variety of available journals, from academic publications to business newsletters and journals with the same commercial magazines. There are various prestigious academic exchanges, seminars and training courses available from various research institutions, including our trade and industry associations, the National Association of sound and art to obtain the source material. Individual to obtain a recognized colleges and universities have started to provide the relevant courses.From the above these channels, access to an extremely large number of knowledge. However, the knowledge itself, is far from enough. Therefore, the designer of the second tool is the experience. There is a often say, we are all learn from others shave their faces - in that we can clearly grasp what we can achieve what kind of audio equipment sophistication, we often had to ruin a number of amplifiers and speakers. This argument is a certain reason. A designer from the failure to maintain not how long.The third tool, which is by far the most important tool is the good sense. The designer must have a good understanding of the people can be made over the technical details of the judgments can be made into the inner space of human judgments. The design of a technically accurate, probably because those who do not know how to assemble assembly, or because users do not know how to use failure. The actual user may not know how to use this system, the manufacturer may be because there is no ready replacement of the product to stop the production of certain models.The fourth tool in the past decade it has become particularly important, is the computer. Specifically for audio and acoustic design software for computer simulation (CADS) can significantly speed up the design speed, allowing them to own a seat on the designer toolbox.

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