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Song and dance hall design specifications

ThinkingSong and dance hall is a comprehensive high-level cultural product, it is a hierarchical system, each of which a sub-system from the various elements, they cross into a network, that is, between the various elements and subsystems constitute the structure of the transfer relationship ; the use of architectural technology and interior design skills to make optimal stability in order to produce the overall effect of the system. Sound reinforcement systems, architectural acoustics, lighting systems, indoor and technology are all song and dance as systems engineering elements of the Office of components and subsystems. They cross each other at different levels, each wound, each with features, conflicting. Therefore, the need for various elements and subsystems for a careful analysis, careful scrutiny in order to untie the knot that they cross the network, enabling the unification of contradictions, achieving overall effect, to achieve the regulatory requirements. Building design should provide a good acoustic sound field in order to give full play to sound reinforcement system and equipment performance, and to provide sound-absorbing materials and components layout and interior design practice and provide space for the creation of the embryo; also provide good exposure for the lighting system conditions and play to their artistic effect, is the basis of artistic image of song and dance hall. Similarly, interior design can provide the right speaker location and tuning of the workplace, but also the technology to create a unified vision, to listen to the organizers of a beautiful environment. However, in practice, is often fragmented, disparate, independently and separately from design; sound reinforcement system designers that as long as there are good equipment and system design, there must be a good reinforcement effect; to build sound designers only consider how to guarantee the achievement of mixed reverberation time of the request, to provide acoustic materials and component design; interior designer, believes that scientists do not understand art, behind closed doors to create the final offer from the view that America's space is given to scientific and technical personnel so that they can be placed in this space of the equipment and for processing; accordingly, do not understand the scientific and technical personnel also consider themselves the art of architecture, but ignored. As everyone knows, each making its own system, optimization, does not mean that the overall optimization, and often contrary, had a negative effect. Therefore, the dance hall of the designer should be aware of song and dance hall, which is a system engineering, sound reinforcement systems, building acoustics, lighting, interior design, etc. Naishi a subsystem of the system. As a sound reinforcement system designers should be related to science and technology and art, as a body of knowledge, but also should be a way of thinking, can be at a higher level of technology and art to explore a wide range of intertwined to create not only science, but also The overall effect of the arts in order to get a good sound reinforcement effect.AcousticDance hall sound field is different from the general hospital theater, auditorium of the most prominent feature of the following three points first, it has a large area of smooth surface of the dance floor, is a strong acoustic reflector surface; followed by the dance floor at the top of the roof there are lighthouse It focused on the dance hall of a large number of technical equipment for lighting art, performance lighting, sound and video equipment. So yes, as the dance floor, listening center, that is the heart of song and dance hall; third, the dance floor and stage coexistence in the same space, the composition of space (sound field) on behalf of the dance hall sound quality characteristics large volume, the sound level should be 95dB and is 6 ~ 10dB of headroom, playing disco music should sound pressure level 110dB, and has 10dB of headroom; other actors and singers are often hand-held microphone into the dance floor, so that sound reinforcement,

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