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Some school sound experience

Select a match a good stereo mix is not on this end of the story, because there are many variables will affect the listening results, therefore, tend to any of the following clearly in the audition room when the hearing is very satisfied with a move back home is completely different , heard the more that trouble, is this Why? first major reason for this is your listening environment is not managed well, while the audio shop audition room is tuned out well; and secondly, do you buy back the The equipment may not be complete and sound the same pilot shop, but do you think those are minor problems unrelated to the neglect of the overall situation only, such as wire, you should pay attention to the use of audio signal line stores and speaker wire, and perhaps more than you which pairs of lines package of equipment, but also expensive; third, audio shops there are likely to use the tripod, pad machine screws. What is your home using a tripod, CD machine, before and after the class has not used the sound of nail school mat together? Own experience, I think with a different material for pad will have a different voice, will affect the entire machine the balance degree and transparent degrees, with different speakers were placed tripod bearing a greater impact, solid, heavy tripod will give you clean and strong low-frequency sound field and open-yang, you can not be taken lightly.Sound of evil sound to a large extent is due to an imbalance caused by a set of qualified equipment for the production is based on technical indicators to do ourselves, with the equipment they tested, but the one connected to the speakers, the place a real home environment, rather than an elimination of the standing wave sound lab, the problem will appear, the highest out of any sound engineer to design a sound when he can not take into account the vastly different listening environment, space. The reason why sound fun, a good sound on because the school is challenging. Have you noticed that "annoying 63Hz", I have also spent hundreds of thousands who had Great Yuan to a friend's house to have heard, I think he really did not play environment for high-priced equipment, this should be the standard, and no one dare not go suspect that this reference-class equipment. I still have friends, more than 30,000 yuan to buy a brand-name merger machine, on the newly renovated house, opened a good sound, miserable, miserable simply can not bear to listen, worse than the package machine, those who totally not suitable for decoration materials to listen to sound room, ceiling, gypsum, devoid of substance, low-frequency to stand to the bench to hear, everything is very confusing to hear a good sound, beautiful decoration unless destroyed. The current housing design and decoration, they do not take into account sound, some people think that wood will Audiophile Voices, so all the wood for decoration, but because too many variables out of the effects are only just luck! placed in front of us before the issue became a color and bear's paw, not mutually exclusive, to be beautiful; and Bo bad sound, broke the sound field ... ... According to my view, sound room decorated with simplicity as a traitor as far as possible, appropriate The beautification floors, ceilings, especially smallpox, loose bubble material, the impact is very bad. Not everyone can have or borrow chang industry, the company's testing equipment, to get to go there, "annoying 63Hz, may be 100Hz, then how to solve this problem? I have little experience of their own.????I am using "Hugo HUGO Audiophile CD (1)", the final sound of frequency response tests to the school, coincidentally, I can hear a sense of the feel 63H2 is also particularly strong, where there is a peak, but there is a valley of about 100Hz,More speaker box wholesale,hi-fi speaker,jbl speaker and loudspeaker made in our  speaker manufacture and speaker factory