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SRS 3D and SRS Trusurround technology

SRS full name of the Sound Retrieval System, its meaning for the voice response system, to reproduce the true three-dimensional sense of the scene. It is the U.S. SRS Labs audio technology patents.SRS 3D surround sound processing technologySRS 3D is based on people's ears tribunal effects to produce a rich sense of three-dimensional sound field of the speaker system. SRS 3D Systems Articles had done before the introduction, the principles of this paper will not repeat.SRS 3D eye-catching feature is that they can play Dolby Surround encoded program sources, but also be able to play regular stereo program sources, but also be able to enter the single-channel audio signal processing, and then matched with a stereo amplifier right speaker has a sense of space to create a three-dimensional surround sound field.SRS 3D dual-channel surround sound system with Dolby surround sound system, Dolby biggest difference is that the direction of research is a multi-channel surround, multi-channel systems must be encoded into the required after treatment to record the audio message playback again when a dedicated decoder restore the original multi-channel audio signals, and then through multi-channel power amplifier and multi-way speakers (speaker) in order to reproduce the real sound field. The main direction of the SRS 3D is a two-channel surround, there is no coding process directly into the internal circuitry needed to handle audio signals, as long as the use of ordinary two-channel amplifier with two speakers will be able to simulate the effect of three-dimensional surround sound field This can not but be said that the advantages of SRS 3D.SRS TruSurround technologySRS TruSurround (eligible for a virtual surround sound) is the U.S. SRS Labs has introduced a 97-year virtual surround sound processing system. It is specifically for Dolby Pro-Logic (Dolby Pro Logic), Dolby Digital Surround (AC-3), THX home like multi-channel surround playback systems developed. A result of these various types of special decoder decoding the output of multi-channel audio signals through SRS TruSurround processing, the output from the two independent channels. SRS TruSurround processing feature is a complete retaining their original sound source in the multi-channel audio information, which can form the illusion additional sound source, so that listeners feel richer than the SRS 3D surround sound field effect.SRS 3D though has been widely successful application, but only after processing by the dual-channel to create a three-dimensional stereo sound effects, is still more than multi-channel playback system somewhat less. In order to make up for its shortcomings, SRS Labs conducted in-depth study to determine the optimal HRTF introducing computing technology to simulate a real multi-channel surround sound. Therefore, SRS TruSurround technically more difficult than the SRS 3D is much greater, its multi-channel processing operation method than the two-channel complex and a huge amount of computing.SRS TruSurround sound technology within the system to process the complex to create a surround sound unreal SRS 3D sound field is more in depth than the broader. It is all around the listener to form an illusory sound source Tao overlap, if the use of SRS TruSurround sound after treatment