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Projector using common sense

1, do not install the projector on the surface of unstable machine, do not shake the projector on the car, sets the table.2, do not place the projector contains a liquid container, not to vases, flower pots, cups, cosmetics, liquid (such as water), etc. on the projector top.3, please only use the recommended method of attachment, do not damage, cutting, processing or forceful twisting the power cord.4, please click on the projector using the power prompted the choice of item types. In case you are unable to confirm, please consult the dealer or service unit.5, place the projector on the convenient pull the plug on the use of wall sockets in the vicinity.6, place the projector's grounding-type three-pin plug socket properly grounded, if you use sockets for the legs, let electrician replace the outlet into a three-legged, do not plug plug with wet hands.7, when the plug connector, please pay special attention to the following actions in violation of operating procedures will lead to Mars or fire.(1) Do not stick a plug into the dust outlet.(2) to enable close contact with plug and socket.8, not to overload electrical outlets, connection sockets overloaded, or may cause fire or leakage.9, do not place the projector where the power cord easily stepped on, or they might wear the power cord.10, cleaning please pull the plug from the socket and then carried out chassis please use a damp cloth clean (do not use liquid or alcohol cleaning agents).11, do not plug the projector cover the ventilation slot machines and ventilation openings. More openings for the machine to provide the necessary ventilation to prevent overheating projector. Do not place the projector on the sofa, mattress or other soft surface, or the closure of a small cabinet, unless ensure good ventilation environment.12, refrain from any items from vents squeezed projector, do not in any liquid into the projector.13, a long time without the projector, please unplug the plug.14, please do not place the projector and remote control heating apparatus or in hotter places, such as: car.15, occurs when the following conditions: Please projector plug unplug from the wall outlet, and turned professional maintenance staff.(1) When the power cord or plug has damage or destruction,(2) If carelessly the liquid into the projector or projectors suffer rain, Shui Lin,(3) If you do not operate properly in accordance with operating procedures, or the performance of the projector an exception occurs,(4) In the event drops or housing disaster.16, the host of internal uses, such as lens, light lamps and many other glass products.If the light source lamp broken handle when you are very aware that to avoid debris, scratching, and contact your dealer, especially in the use of ceiling use case, open the light source lamp when the lamp cover may be falling small glass fragments. Please give full attention to prevent debris falling into the eyes or mouth.17, using the projector, the material or paper may be blocking the projector below the air filter. Bandiao projector air filter you are likely to block any object.more speaker,speaker wholesale,hi-fi speaker,jbl speaker,loudspeaker made in our speaker manufacturer and speaker factory