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Projector knowledge 4

2. digit photo processing I: Gradation image The DLP chip's microscope is fixed by the miniature chain chain, may forward (ON) or (OFF) inclines backward along the DLP projection system photo source, forms either bright or the dark picture element in the projecting plane. The input semiconductor device's video bits class code controls microscope's connection or the closure, switch number of times each second may reach several thousand times. When microscope frequent connection closure, lens reflection French grey picture element; Assumes often shuts the condition the micro specular reflection deep ash picture element. through this method, in the DLP projection system's microscope may reflect 1,024 picture elements the pessimistic shadows, will input the DLP chip the video frequency or the image signal transforms the level rich gradation image. 3. digit photo processing II: Increase color The DLT projection system flare produces the white light passes through the color to gesticulate DLP? In chip plane. The color round filter red to the light, is green, is blue. The monolithic DLP projection system use may produce 16,700,000 kind of colors at least after the color round filtration's light. Uses color which 3 piece of DLP the Cinema projection system may produce many in 35,000,000 kinds. Each microscope's on-off state is coordinated with three primary color blocks. For example, joins in the purple picture element the microscope to be only responsible in the projecting plane reflection safflower light; Human's naked eye may the light which flashes fast these two kinds mix up, sees the mix after the projection image the color.

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