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Projector knowledge 3

The DLP technology has widely used in satisfying each kind of pursue vision image outstanding quality the demand. It is in market multifunction display technique the technique. It is can simultaneously support in only the world the smallest projecting camera (to be lower than 2-lbs) and the biggest movie screen (reaches as high as 75 feet) the display technology. This technology can enable the image to achieve the extremely high fidelity, gives clearly, bright, the color lifelike picture. how does the DLP technology work the this technology development penetration micro electron project to learn realizes the best picture nature commercialization entire process finally. the 1. Semiconductor Technology changed the world Each kind of DLP? Projection system's core is optics semiconductor, namely the digital microscope installment or is called the DLP chip, this was Texas Instruments company Dr. Larry Hornbeck invents in 1987. How can it be that is the DLP chip possibly now up to is in the world the most advanced light switch component, includes 2,000,000 regular array mutual hinge's miniature microscope. Each microscope's size is only equal to the hair silk 1/5. when after DLP chip and digital video or image signal, photo source and projection lens each other coordinated, the microscope may project the entire digital image to the screen or other surfaces. We call it Digital Light the Processin technology DLP and the peripheral device advanced electronic device (data photo processing).

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