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Projector knowledge 2

At present the DLP projecting camera mainly has monolithic DMD machine, biplate DMD machine and three piece of DMD machine. According to the different characteristic, has the different application respectively. And the one piece main application in the portable projection product, the two piece applies in the large-scale splicing demonstration wall but three piece of types mainly apply in the superelevation brightness projecting camera. Generally the DLP back throws the television to have the ordinary color television 4-5 time of clarity, and has the high luminance, high contrast gradient superior the potential, may achieve 1000:1 contrast gradient. In addition, as a result of digital technique's use, makes the gamma controller rank to enhance, image noise vanishing, the picture quality is stabler. But, the Texas Instruments company is the global DMD chip only manufacturer at present, causes projecting camera's supplies domain thin to be weak, the core part supply is insufficient, the rate of finished products is low, the price is expensive, therefore is limiting this product development to a certain extent, in addition the DLP projection technology (above 2000) the aspect receives the restriction in the long run in the superelevation resolution. the DLP technology outlines the DLP technology is one kind of original creation, uses optics semiconductor to have the digital multi-photo source demonstration solution. It is reliable extremely high entire the digit display technology, can in each kind of product (for example the large screen digital television, the company/family/specialized conference projecting camera and the digital camera (DLP Cinema))Provides the excellent picture effect. At the same time, this solution is also completely mature which is used by the global numerous electron enterprises the independent technology. Since 1996, to has surpassed 75 manufacturers to supply goods more than 500 ten thousand sets of systems.

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