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Placed speaker systems

The environmental impact of room acoustics speaker placedFirst, the environmental impact of room acousticsIn a multi-channel sound system, the current four-channel Dolby Pro Logic the most representative, it is to remain the most popular multi-channel sound system. As the problems surrounding the use of the two surround Road, using the two surround speaker, so the system needs to five speakers. Since the Dolby AC-3 digital multi-channel system in the following discrete 5.1-channel home theater quickly becoming the new standard for multi-channel.Room acoustical environment for multi-channel speaker sound field created by the interior have a certain influence, and different sounds have different room acoustical properties of space. Multi-channel audio system is to use multiple speakers to express the sound and visual orientation, to create a surround sound effect This was originally not an easy task, if not ideal acoustical environment for the indoor meet, then the integrated sound would not be good. according to sound psychological theory, after the direct sound in the room no later than the early reflections of less than 1ms the sound of the direct sound significant interference, the sound will become more turbid, thus affecting the location of sound and images. between 1 ~ 30ms between the direct sound of early reflections on the interference would be less, it combines with the direct sound of together, help to enhance the loudness, but it may change the direct sound of the sound. As for 30ms after the reflected sound, human ear is generally considered a mixed sound. For these reasons, we must do a good job with the audio-visual room of the sound absorption, spread, noise and other acoustic treatment, otherwise, too much reverberation will reduce the sound clarity and coherence, impact sound playback.In order to create a grand theater stereo field, audio-visual room with not too small, conditions permitting, should be retrofitted with sound-absorbing material.Second, speakers placedThere is a good indoor acoustic environment under the premise sound like a more accurate positioning, the more realistic sound natural, the more able to show lifelike sound effects such as the unity of telepresence. First, take a look at theater speakers placed in the situation. The following figure is a real theater surround sound speaker layout of each channel.The left and right channel speaker in front of each other separate from the film screen is almost as wide as the front speakers are generally discharged in the film screen behind, they can screen only a small gap over the sound to pass the audience. Therefore, only half of the speakers can be placed on the screen, a high place.Subwoofer speaker is not necessarily placed in front of the group symmetry of the place;There are many standard theater surround speakers only, these speakers and the front speakers together, truly "surround" the audience display.Reference to display examples of the above-mentioned speakers, we would then go back to see how the speaker should be placed in order to be the best possible sound. Here, we should pay attention to a problem that we encountered in indoor play space may be much smaller than the real theater. Below, we first discuss the three in front (left, middle, right) speakers display method, and then surround sound box, the final study subwoofer placed.1. Placed in the center channel speaker Center the front speakers are generally placed as close as possible the location of the image center of the screen. In the center channel speaker sound quality of the film dialogue greatest impact dialogue in order to ensure accurate positioning in the center of the screen and the sound clear and should be used specifically for the center channel designed to separate speaker.

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