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Pirated compact discs and genuine album What's the difference

Genuine CD prices high, many people take into account economic factors, then the price is very cheap to buy pirated films, that the CD is a digital recording, high-tech product, piracy is just to escape royalties, the quality will not be too much difference, so that once rampant film piracy.In fact, the film version of this theft is the amount of audio-visual products is a qualitative difference times, things will not value for money. Just a little some-end sound system playback, you hear the difference with the genuine film generally manifested in the treble than the rough texture of the bass is poor, especially multi-leakage codes, error codes appeared to sing Er Zhi Fang quit, pause, or even can not search, let sing. As the Department of pirated films over shoddy, shoddy work and the product of the surface protection layer of sub-standard, it can not long-term preservation. Moreover, due to coating of the laser beam reflected low efficiency, so the use of pirated films on the CD player is detrimental to the life, it will accelerate the aging of laser systems.????Identification of pirated films start from the appearance, usually pirated piece of casing over rough edges are not smooth; envelope printing and writing a clear picture of poor, dark color pattern, color both sides of the cover page only, there is no specific content description or description of contents (which can is a thin booklet); film base material is poor, compared with thin, glossy coating layer is poor, and the optical view Youlou Kong, and even was transparent and shaped to protect estates may have bubbles or watermarks, printing illegible, the lack of copyright number.

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