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On SRS System

SRS is the abbreviation for Sound Retrieval System, meaning that speaker to restore the circuit, can reproduce the true three-dimensional sense of the scene. SRS Labs is the U.S. the latest speaker technology patent, SRS the direction of the main power is a two-channel surround, SRS () is its registered mark.SRS technology is the inventor Arnold, Kleinman (Arnold Klayman). He was a sound lovers engaged in psycho-acoustic studies, the discovery of the human auditory system to the three-dimensional positioning of the sound source is always to produce a prototype of the SRS technology. Can do an experiment, in the forehead at friction fingers, then slowly move the fingers against the side of the head, so that equidistant between fingers and forehead and ears, you will notice the increase of the volume, and in a number of high-frequency stronger . Experiment, the friction between the fingers is equivalent to generate a stable volume, your ears hearing the same sound, as well as the instructions on the brain is different, depending on which of the voices from the front or the side of the sound from the side to compare the sound of it is As a result of ear court.When the voices come from the front, the ear will be a lot of the frequency elements of the Court reflected away from the ear canal, while the side to the voice of the reflection is different. This from the side to the voice of strength, the arrival time is short, the ear will be that information reached the brain, which is known as the spread of brain-related functions. Because of this spread depends on the volume and direction of the sound, so sound is always in the dissemination of the change, provide you with the brain must also be changes in the details, so that you know are listening to what is, from what direction to hear.The traditional two-channel stereo can not create a three-dimensional surround sound field, not because the only two speakers, but because the two-channel recording when the microphone is not the human ear ear court, so when the right side through the microphone recording the sound can not, as the human ear, as, regardless of how much microphone will not help. SRS system is taken into account the spread of these ongoing changes, enabling the listener to hear the results closer to the original performance.SRS stereo signal, according to Jian Chang embody a sense of surround sound (beep sound reflections and mixed) were recorded in the left and right channel in the R, L 2 signals to produce a sum total signal (R + L), and then then two signals generated by each of two differential signal (RL) and (LR), after SRS treatment, the total signal, the differential signal and the surrounding environment information (reflected sound field and mixed sound field), providing gives Ear System . For the conventional stereo microphone and, because the "LR" and "RL" differential signal microphone to "listen" less than, stereo systems can not be copied, so playback without sense of space. SRS pairs of differential signal and the total signal processing, the final line of people hearing voices and make spatial information system will be restored. Thereby playing the real restoration of the environment, enhanced stereo image, make people feel from the subjective audio-visual spatial orientation and distribution.??SRS for the live recording of the programs (concerts, movies) were treated very surprising results. If the broadcast program source itself does not give the scene a sense of ambient sound, such as multi-channel audio pre-and post-production CD synthetic film, or a computer-synthesized


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