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Occasions, the reasons for burning professional speaker.txt

1, speaker and power amplifier configuration irrational????Inexperienced tuner would think that too much power amplifier output power, resulting in tweeter damage, it is not. In professional situations, the speaker can generally be rated to withstand three times the impact of large-signal power, instantaneous can withstand five times the rated peak power rather than the impact would be a problem. Thus, not by accident a long time whistle strong shocks or microphone, amplifier power by burning large tweeter situation is rarely happen.????As we all know, there are multiple speakers speakers, speakers have the power to bear, according to the different distribution of the different crossover point.????Speaker of the rated power, the general professional speaker marked the largest pink noise power, that is, speaker's rated power is the pink noise or wideband analog signal power can withstand. A crossover point of 1.6kHz, the 100W rated power of the two-way speakers, at rated power, the bass unit can be assigned to 78W of output power, while the tweeter is only assigned to 22W. Therefore, to impose on the speaker of the pink noise power 100W or general programming signal power, it can withstand; and with 100W single-frequency signal to the test, regardless of treble and bass units are likely to damage.If a three-way speaker, medium and treble of the crossover point in the 4kHz, then the tweeter power to bear only a nominal power of 5%. If the power distribution properly, it will easily lead tweeter damage.????Under normal circumstances, if the input signal to the speaker to increase one fold, treble the first power only increased 5W; However, if the amplifier's power shortage, resulting in cut pieces of the signal overload occurs, high-order harmonic component will surge. Originally 1kHz sinusoidal signal, overload cut in pieces near the square, they will in the 1kHz sine wave, the resulting large number of odd harmonics, such as 3kHz, 5kHz sine wave energy, etc., so that the ratio of the signal components alt greatly increased, thus causing the signal in the spectrum of energy is far more than treble tweeter can withstand the power. Even if the total power of the signal at this time not yet reached speakers rated power, but the tweeter has been contained and the damage. This short-term overload than in the signal, but the rate cut does not appear more dangerous. When the signal is not distorted, short-term overload of the 1kHz signal, power, power energy falls on a large woofer, the speaker is not necessarily over the short-term maximum power, usually does not cause deviation of speaker power distribution unit damaged speakers. Thus, the normal use conditions, the power amplifier rated output power should be speaker of 2-3 times the rated power in order to ensure maximum power when the speaker does not cause distortion power amplifier.2, divider improper use ofImproper use of the input crossover point, or the operating frequency range of speakers also contributed to the unreasonable one of the reasons tweeter damage. Using the divider should be strictly in accordance with the supplied speaker operating frequency range to a reasonable choice of crossover point. If you select the crossover point tweeters low power to bear an excessive burden, it is easy to burn tweeter,

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