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Music recording system control techniques

1. Delay and ReverbAs we all know, the reverberation processing delay is actually more complex feedback, and such effects processing is the most complex and changeable. As a professional music recording system, it is recommended here should be at least four sets of reverberation device configuration.At present the most common of effects processing devices are digital, the effect of the type can be said to be very rich, but a separate treatment effects with a single voice, it has seldom able to achieve satisfactory results.Vocal reverb processing, more ideal configuration is to use three sets effects. One of the digital mixer. One of the digital reverb is used to form the main reverberation; a mechanical reverb devices used for the original signal plus home dyeing effect; a digital delay device, used to produce echo. If possible, you can also configure the following use of the effect of processor:(1) Basic polish reverb, for simply increasing the integration degree of sound source, without creating reverb tail. Here wish to use the echo or door early reflection reverb effects.(2) drag reverb processing, used to increase the main theme and the accompaniment Hunrong degrees, can be a strong reverberation dyeing processing, such as the hall among the steel plate reverb, spring reverb model, placed three of its reverberation time ~ 10 seconds, pre-delay should be set longer, such as those in between 100 ~ 800ms. Reverb small enough compared with its pronunciation can be hidden in among the suitable accompaniment parts.In fact the main theme is to increase the loudness of a low-and high-integration of the background sound of this voice in the background Hunrong accompaniment voices, like a harmony among accompaniment, however, with the theme it has a strong affinity, This theme will be well with accompaniment mixed.(3) The chorus effects processing. This can be two people sound source is processed into a crowd of people 78 or chorus effect, very suitable for doing the singing, harmonies and chorus effects enhanced.The best effects is 34 units in parallel, and the chorus effect of these different parameters should be set. As the chorus processing within the FM band is still dealing with, it is recommended not to use series mode, to avoid over-tones drift.Choir's own sense of pitch at high frequency band with the chaos, the effects of turbidity, so deal with if the chorus too, even when combined with the choral numbers set reverberation processing, are likely to cause in which the turbidity of the frequency, high-frequency sometimes will produce the sound of wailing, this time to recommend appropriate channels of high-frequency attenuation chorus. Note that some digital effects are also a relatively dark boring "group feeling" effect processing, not anti-try.The above-mentioned three kinds of treatment may cause the effect of recording system configuration to 89 units. This is most of the recording bin is concerned, obviously not easy to achieve economically. Fortunately, digital effects, in general all have the above-mentioned processing mode of the pre-programmed, you can increase these effects out these pre-programmed, and then processed the effect of the signal recorded on a multi-track machine idle tracks. After synthesis, they can not use these effects, the direct effect of the signal from tracks removed, empty out the results also can be used in other purposes.2. Other special effects??Here, refers mainly used for electric guitar, electric fold Secretary or synthesizer special

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