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Music in Brief 8

Symphony(Symphony) comes from the Greek "sound together" is a large-scale instrumental music genre, also known as "Symphony", the Department of the greatest orchestral music, divertimento. Symphony generation with the seventeenth and eighteenth-century French, Italian opera's overture and the then popular in the countries Orchestral Suite, large-scale concerto genre, etc. have a direct link. Symphony of the structure, generally divided into four movements (and there are only two movements or the movement of more than five), the movement of the features are as follows: First movement: Sonata-type structure, their music is characterized by quick, lively melody with a dramatic, the performance of people's struggle and creative activities. It emphasizes the different image contrast and dramatic development is the ideological core of the whole song. Movement before the common covering all the basic image of the slow song played sequence. In the classical symphony in this movement, it is often described, it is leisure, rest, entertainment and playful scenes of everyday life, etc., as well as lively and humorous mood. The second movement: tune slow, Cantabile, is a lyric symphony center. Using flat major or minor adjustment of subordinate relationship between the Major. It is a musical form often as sonata form (can be omitted expand Department), single, double trilogy of style, or variations type, and so, with lyricism. The performance of the second movement is often philosophical, humanitarian spirit, love life, natural scenery, with its content and a deep inner feelings and philosophical reflection are linked. Here to highlight the people's emotions and inner experience. 3rd movement: medium-speed, rapid, and can return to melody, often minuet or the Scherzo, based on using a complex trilogy, type, style, etc. Variations has dance sex. Fourth movement: very fast, the main wither use more Rondo type, swing sonata form or sonata-like structure, which often include the brilliant performance of birth and optimism, but also tend to show life, customs, and the victory of the struggle, the festive carnival scene, etc. . It is the outcome of the whole piece with a positive nature. Therefore, the symphony is the music in the most profound ideological content, structure, the most perfect, writing the most comprehensive and difficult technology, large-scale instrumental music genre, it is to demonstrate the social events, historical heroes, nature of the ever-changing, rich in philosophical thinking, as well as the people fought for noble ideals such as reflexes; it is the total with a certain degree of drama. Although Symphony sixteenth and seventeenth centuries has formed the basic pattern of norms, but the 18-19 century Vienna classical music for the symphony were made an important contribution to the formation, thereby creating Europe's instrumental music developed into an important stage, became the precursors of the Vienna classical music to send. Haydn established the four movements of Symphony canonical form, using the preparation of an ideal band combinations, demonstrating a variety of thematic approaches to development, so that minuet atmosphere filled with people. Of his life wrote 104 symphonies, known as the "Father of Symphony." Mozart's symphonies, Qingli smooth, neat structure, absorbing creative experience of the German and Austrian opera and folk material, with a polyphony of factors with the main theme of style and rhythm of the unfolding approach has enriched the symphony of expression. A total of his life writing 49 symphonies, because of his mature creative, people called him "a genius of genius." Beethoven in his Symphony in the infiltration of the French Revolution of advanced ideas and enthusiasm for fighting. He used a broad development of the motivation, self -

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