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Music in Brief 7

Serenade(Serenade) originally referred to the evening or night Valentine's window singing love songs under the genre, it is often warm lyrical melody. In the eighteenth century began to appear more movement of the ensemble or the ensemble of the Serenade, it is for the time when the Sheriff's aristocratic Feasts assist likes to use it, the melody less fast and lively, has nothing to do with love, belong to chamber music genre.Lullaby(Lullaby) also known as a lullaby, which was originally a mother's soothing songs of children to fall asleep, usually very short. Its soft sweet melody is poor, often with the accompaniment of the rhythm-based sense of the cradle of the turbulence.Caprice(Caprice), also known Kinks song, different to the music, by its nature similar to Fantasia, but also freedom of the structure, size variable, refers to a fanciful improvisation of instrumental music genre, there are endowed format, divertimento form.Waltz(Waltz) also known as "Waltz", originated in the northern part of Austria beat 3 of a folk dance. Waltz points fast, jog trot two kinds of dance, when the two pairs of rotation. 17, the Vienna court was popular in the eighteenth century, the speed gradually fast, and only for urban social dance will be. Since the nineteenth century, popular in Europe. Waltz is now prevailing, mostly Viennese Waltz, speed Allegretto, which is characterized as a section of the Qin crisp, melodic fluency; accompaniment used a chord of each section, the first prominent film stress, the famous Waltz with John ? Ster Rouse's "The Blue Danube," Weber's "Yao Wu" and so on.Concerto(Concerto) refers to a collaboration by the solo instruments and orchestra performed a large-scale instrumental works. It is characterized by solo part with a distinct personality and a high degree of skill. Carried out in the music, the soloist and orchestra is often alternately appear, mutual exchanges along these lines, echoes, and King played. When solo, the band position in the accompaniment will be played, the ending solo instrument, played entirely by the band. The founder of the classical concerto is Mozart. Concerto is generally divided into three movements: Allegro first movement is a passionate, multi-purpose sonata style, music, full of life; second movement is beautiful, lyrical Adagio, music with a narrative style; third movement is a dance of joy, music, a vibrant and viable, active and flowing. Before the end of the second movement, plus a solo instrument is often played Nightlife separate music section to demonstrate a high level of playing skills. Creation in the modern concerto, but also to coloratura soprano solo (no words) and the band concert of vocal concerto.Suite(Suite) it is "continue," "continuous" meaning, by a number of instrumental music composed divertimento, in which the songs are relatively independent. Suite has its classical, modern distinction. Classical Suite also known as "Dance Suite", the rise in the 17-18 century later, it uses the same tone to connect a variety of dance music made, but the speed and tempo, etc. In contrast to each other, such as Bach's music for harpsichord suite. Modern Suite also known as "the plot Suite", the rise in the nineteenth century, from the opera, ballet, theater or film music, music, selected a number of songs compiled. Some Suite is based on the contents of a particular title or ethnic music, written material, such as the Norwegian composer Grieg's "Solveig ? Sargent Suite", the Russian composer Rimsky's "Scheherazade Chadha," Czech composer Dvorak

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