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Music in Brief 6

Fantasia(Fantasia) a kind of romantic without a fixed musical form that contains the instrumental ballad. The former refers to a pipe organ or a harpsichord solo improvisation. 18 leaf century onwards, Fantasia became an independent instrumental music, such as the use of Russian folk music written in Glinka's orchestral song "Kamalinsi Kaya" Fantasia.Inventions(Invention) which is the polyphony of the genre-based imitation of the name of the structure is a kind of polyphony piano songs, according to a particular motive for improvised music evolved, similar to other small Fugue.Impromptu(Impromptu) It was originally the solo piano music of the genre name, after the solo music for other instruments. It is the improvisation instrumental piece, often by the excitement of the paragraphs and paragraphs of the profound lyrical composition, so most of the trilogy is a complex type.Nocturne(Nocturne) originally referred to the eighteenth century aristocratic society in the Western popular instrumental divertimento style, bright and elegant, often at night and open-air performances, and "Serenade" is similar.More loudspeaker.jbl speaker,hi-fi speaker,speaker wholesale made in ourspeaker manufacturer and speaker factory