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Music in Brief 5

Knowledge of CPrelude(Pre1ude) the original is "Preface", "Introduction" was intended. It is a single theme, the small-scale instrumental music. It is produced from 15, 16 centuries ago, a prelude to some kind of music, often for the first jam session, play a musical instrument there is a pre Intonation, activities and prepare the fingers behind the music into the role. Many composers would have its own piano prelude. The nineteenth century, Western opera, music drama of the opening or foreground music, also known as the "Prelude", its meaning and the prelude to the independence of a different genre.Overture(Overture), one of music genres. Originally referred to the opera, oratorio and other works of the opening music, seventeenth and eighteenth-century opera overture into the "French Overture" and the "Italian overture" categories. The former polyphonic style, from the adagio, allegro, adagio composed of three paragraphs, the middle of the Fugue in the form of the last paragraph is shorter; the latter style of the main tune from the Allegro, Adagio, Allegro composed of three paragraphs for the future Symphony that this evolved over time. Since the nineteenth century, from the beginning of Beethoven, composers often use this genre of music written in a separate device, its structure mostly sonata form and have the title. Such as Beethoven's "Keliaolan Overture," Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" and so on.Divertimento(Divertimento) includes a number of sets of music or a movement or sound of instrumental music, including the theme of internal relations and coherent development of relations. Such as Tchaikovsky's piano divertimento "Four Seasons", Schubert's vocal music divertimento "Beautiful Mill Girls" and so on. Identify a broad sense, sonata, symphony, orchestra, cantata, etc. are the.Minuet(Menuet) originated in Western Europe's three tempo folk dance popular in the French court because the pace of a smaller dance is named. Speed moderation, can describe the dynamics of a number of ceremonial style elegance. The early nineteenth century minuet constitute a symphony played the third movement divertimento Ming, later was replaced by Scherzo.Scherzo(Scherzo) Scherzo Scherzo also known, a three-beat instrumental. Its main feature is the rhythm active, faster, and often occurs suddenly and the strength of contrast. It is often Symphonie divertimento emerged as the third movement to replace the palace-style minuet.Etude(Etude) technique used to improve instrumental music. It usually contains one or several kinds of technology-specific topics. Chopin for its founder. In addition to this instrument Etude practice skills, also has a high degree of artistry and stage effects. Franz Liszt, Debussy and so creation of such Etudes.Romance(Romance) refers to a non-fixed form of lyrical ballad or a short instrumental. Its characteristics are: melody and lyrics detail expression closely integrated than a rich accompaniment.Rhapsody(Rhapsodie) a technique difficult and has an epic nature of instrumental music. Originally from ancient Greece during the wandering artist singing folk narrative poem fragments, the formation of the early nineteenth century instrumental genre. Is characterized by rich ethnic characteristics or direct use of folk song withered, 19, such as Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody" Ravel's "Spanish Rhapsody" and so on.

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