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Music in Brief 4

21, Strauss Who are you? 】In Western music history, called "Strauss," There are four well-known musician, please be careful not to wrongly tagged. First daimyo top tripod, he is familiar to everyone, "The Blue Danube Waltz," by John. Strauss, there is a reputation as the King of Waltz; second is the New Year's concert finale, "Radeski march," the author, also known as John. Strauss, the former's father, for that distinction, people often add their names in front of an "old" words, or in parentheses after their names plus a "parent" is used. Little John's musical achievements of the Enlightenment from the father, and later than I, but I was firmly opposed to his son to go into music, had also been to the courts never taken this son. The third one is called Franz. Strauss is the great nineteenth-century German musician Wagner's contemporaries, the band's court in Munich was the chief French horn hand, he can write music, and there is no history of success, but because many dare to Wagner publicly expressed contempt for out of his name. The fourth is this person's son, called Lanzi Si Strauss, in order to create the famous symphonic poem and opera.【22, which two of "Danube" Waltz of the most famous name? 】The "Danube" waltz named after the most famous are two: one is John. Strauss's "Blue Danube Waltz" and the other is called "Waves of the Danube Waltz," with the Strauss contemporary Romanian musicians Ivanovic written originally orchestral works, since they were written was the United States, but also suitable for employing voice to sing, people will have lyrics and it became a vocal works. The first two works, be called Waltz of the flowers Shuangbi or sisters.【23, what is called Habanera Dance? 】"Habanera" and "Waltz" "Polka", like all Western pop in the genre. It originated in Cuba, their music is characterized by medium-speed, two children. Such as "Habanera Dance" presented by the rhythm of type, is this a typical rhythm-based dance music.Knowledge of CPrelude(Pre1ude) the original is "Preface", "Introduction" was intended. It is a single theme, the small-scale instrumental music. It is produced from 15, 16 centuries ago, a prelude to some kind of music, often for the first jam session, play a musical instrument there is a pre Intonation, activities and prepare the fingers behind the music into the role. Many composers would have its own piano prelude. The nineteenth century, Western opera, music drama of the opening or foreground music, also known as the "Prelude", its meaning and the prelude to the independence of a different genre.Overture(Overture), one of music genres. Originally referred to the opera, oratorio and other works of the opening music, seventeenth and eighteenth-century opera overture into the "French Overture" and the "Italian overture" categories. The former polyphonic style, from the adagio, allegro, adagio composed of three paragraphs, the middle of the Fugue in the form of the last paragraph is shorter; the latter style of the main tune from the Allegro, Adagio, Allegro composed of three paragraphs for the future Symphony that this evolved over time. Since the nineteenth century, from the beginning of Beethoven, composers often use this genre of music written in a separate device, its structure mostly sonata form and have the title. Such as Beethoven's "Keliaolan Overture," Tchaikovsky's "1812,More loudspeaker,jbl speaker,hi-fi speaker,speaker wholesale made in our speaker manufacturer and speaker factory