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Music in Brief 2

Knowledge B【11, what is notation? 】A song generally contains high or low, length, strength and other factors. These elements with a variety of signs, symbols recorded on paper the method is called notation. All times and used and are in use notation, there are many. Take my country, ancient and modern notation used there is a variety. Reportedly as early as the Warring States era, Weiling Gong men's music division called Division Juan, and can be credited with a notation of the spectral method. According to written records, China's Tang dynasty gave rise to a musical score, by the word spectrum (guqin use), the Song has also produced a Suzi spectrum. A musical score several times along the change, there are still folk artists to use. But in recent, modern in China more generally, the use of musical notation, and read music, in particular, to use the notation of a maximum. From a global point of view, the most commonly read music.【12, what is the musical notation? 】Musical notation is to use Arabic numerals to record the pitch 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 a notation, read the book almost all the Chinese people know it. This notation is the French monks Suetti in 1665 put forward. Later, it would be to improve and actively promoting is, surprisingly, the famous French philosopher, writer Rousseau. Because of this notation in the records of many voices, inconvenient, complex music, popular in Europe and almost never before. Before and after 1882, Americans went to Japan to give lectures at the time of Mason, it was brought to Japan, the 19th century were once common in the Japanese school before, but then they do not have the. The Qing Dynasty, musical notation by students studying in Japan from entering China. In 1904, prepared by Mr. Shen public "school to sing the Law," a book published, have been a passing fad, from musical notation will be opened to universal in our country. In my opinion, musical notation, as a popular method of recording, popularization and promotion of music in our country there has been and still play a significant role. However, because there are many limitations of its notation, but now most countries in the world, they do not have it, we should create conditions for the promotion, popularization read music either, in order to facilitate raising musical standards and cultural exchanges with the rest of the world music.【13, what is read music? 】Read music is the world's most widely used notation, in the present notation, the comparison of the most closely read music, accurate and scientific. It uses five parallel horizontal record sound high or low, hollow (or solid) or in its side of the oval plus a vertical bar (some are still vertical bar at one end by adding "tail"), the graphics to make note that the length of sound ( See examples posted on site and score) with three-dimensional feeling, easy to record polyphonic music. It is a formal 17th century into our country and reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing dynasty, compiled between the court, "Law Lvzheng Yi sequel", the detailed description it can be seen spreading to China years. In 1930, Mr. Liu Tianhua musicians will be singing opera Mei Lanfang read music recorded with the publication of "Mei Lanfang song spectrum," the book is China's first album recorded opera music. Some people think that more than read music notation difficult to learn. Such a concept is easy to understand. In fact, main reason is not hard to read music, but to change from childhood to cultivate the habit of hard to read music. Your music is musical notation childhood exposure, have become accustomed to the set of musical notation, and now want to change course, difficult. If you start from the kindergarten to use

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