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Music in Brief

Music in BriefI have accumulated a number of music tips to share with you friends ...A common sense【1, what is music? 】This is a question of opinion and saying a lot. I think music is an art rather than visual or other sound what it feels like art. The tones (and sometimes also the proper use of noise) to organize themselves according to certain laws, people listen to the resulting sense of beauty, this art is called music.【2, what is noise? 】What is the tones? Vocal cords, strings, wood panels, motors and other objects will be issued when the vibration of sound waves, sound waves spread through the air into our ears, we make our voices heard. Sound noise and tones are divided: the law of vibration-free sounds, such as wood board sound, sound of a motor and so on, is called noise; vibration regularly, such as the one issued by the vocal cords singing, Qin Yin, etc. issued by the strings, called tones. Music is mainly used in audio tones.【3, What is pitch? 】Tones sound like some high, some low, which is called pitch. Pitch is high and low frequency sound objects in the decision, the high frequency sounds on the high, low frequency sound is low. For example, when a woman singing a high frequency of vocal fold vibration, vocal fold vibration frequency of a man to sing a low, so low male than female voices.【4, music used in the extent of tones? 】Music used in the range of tones from the kinds of vibrations per second, 16 times in Zuidi Yin to 4186 times per second, the highest vibration of sound, about 97. Hyundai's largest piano can play the sound of which 88 is the scope of the largest musical instrument tones. People to sing due to physical constraints, can sing the columns and beams in the range of tones is only a small part.【5, what is musical alphabet? What is a roll-call? 】The tones of different pitch, is expressed in CDEFGAG, which is the seven tones of the musical alphabet Latin alphabet, they generally turn to sing into the DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI, that is singing into a musical notation of 1,234,567, the equivalent of Chinese characters "for more than mifa shuttle Selassie" in pronunciation. DO, RE, MI ....... yes Changqu when the tones of pronunciation, so they are called a roll-call.【6, what is sound out? 】Audio out is how to group it? The 90 mentioned above, a number of different high and low tones in sequence together to form a sequence, this sequence is called Schoenberg. Musical alphabet only seven, but Schoenberg's tone was much higher than this number, the same musical alphabet and how to pitch to distinguish the different sounds come from? Way is to group. People have sound out of the sound is divided into several groups. To sound out in a central location in a group (ie, piano, organ and other keyboard instruments by the central C start-up seven tones) is called a group of small print, the small print of a group of more than twice as high, twice, third year times the sound two groups were called the small print, small print three groups, four sets of small print. In tones of course, a group of small print lower than the sound, and their group are: a group of small print times lower than that of the group called the small print, low-double of the group called the characters and low triple is called a group of characters, low four times the called the characters the two groups. As a result, Schoenberg's group from low to high order is:The two groups a set of characters characters characters group of small print small print a group of c d e f g a b c a b c d e f g a

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