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he simplest mini-component of the basic components generally include AM / FM tuner, CD player (also some with a tape deck) and two separate speakers. The more powerful then the corresponding increase in MD player, surrounded by overweight bass speakers; CD player, upgraded to DVD players, backward compatible with players other types of disc formats, and so on, or even upgrading to-disc, three-disc players; also there is a small part of the mini-component systems with a recorder, or with a network of radio functions. With the changes in people's aesthetic standards, exquisite, compact mini-stereo gradually into many homes. Exquisite appearance, small volume can be placed in the library shelves, you can also Digui bedroom, so, not only the small bedroom of the family of mini-stereo, but also a large number of music lovers choose it as a second listening device, or as a bedroom stereo. While the mini-stereo greatly reduced in size, but generally will not be an integral part of the shrinking, functionality will not be reduced, can be described as a sparrow may be small, fully-equipped one.
Mini-component does not pursue a strong power, but rather small, occupying an area of small, handsome in appearance, sound quality Veronika, furnishings convenient, easy to operate to attract the broad masses of consumers. At present, the mini-audio brand on the market are numerous trendy styles. Yamaha, Dragon, Onkyo, Marantz, most of these products in a professional audio-based, modeling ancient generous, to restore the excellent sound quality, exquisite workmanship, quality design, widely acclaimed in the industry, but the price higher, mostly for professionals to choose from. Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, most of these manufacturers is committed to the development and promotion of mini-stereo, model range, the product line of rich, stylish design of these products ahead, almost professional sound quality and an affordable price. Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Philips, these brands skilled, the best designed, market share is also high. Qi voice and in recent years to mainly domestic brands and international brands while still a gap, but the quality and development speed quickly, while relying on sound localization service and price advantage and also in the market place. Mini-stereo, the fuselage is small, but the sound quality and beautiful, so I chose the main mini-stereo should sound, then have to consider whether there is complete after-sales service, as smaller mini-stereo, but the circuit design sophisticated, so its after-sales service requires extremely stringent.




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