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Component systems is the vendor to say exactly introduced by the integrity of the audio package machine, its function as complete, easy to use, looks gorgeous. Music center all of the components, such as speakers, amplifiers, CARD, CD Block, provided by a vendor, the overall co-ordination of good, and relatively uniform appearance, handsome; to buy after the user does not need to spend a lot of time to debug, in general, can be used directly in the operation is more convenient, functionality is relatively complete. Many people think that the quality of component systems is not high, but in reality with the development of electronic technology, the performance of component systems has also been greatly raised, so for most users, the component systems has been completely meet their needs. Of course, the music center of the price, quality and performance is also a significant gap, there are Qianyuan Ji products, but also some tens of thousands of products, a need that is entirely based on the user's own economic strength and needs to choose.
Component systems can generally be divided into mini-component systems and home theater packages. Mini-component, in fact, miniaturization of the shelf systems, as opposed to home theater sets, mini-component systems is characterized by small size, a common mini-component systems by the integration of a variety of playback devices and amplifier as one of the hosts with two Speaker composition. Mini audio composition can be divided into different forms, and even some mini-stereo speakers and hosts are also connected to non-split, that the main purpose is to carry and easy to move, taking up little space, so this mini-component systems, also known as bedside sound; are also some with multiple speakers, the purpose of doing so is a more prominent voice of the environmental effects, which sound in order to facilitate the display, but also may use wireless technology to connect the host and the various speakers.


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