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MIDI Technology

As we all know, television stations hold a large-scale live theatrical show, need to invest a large number of instrumental music, vocal music, and the need dancers to participate. For the audio system in terms of live coverage of the site is more prone to problems (video on-site have more than one camera, the director is free to switch which cameras a good lens; while the audio system is only directed one scene the way the signal for use). To do live on-site fail-safe, generally taken to pre-recorded audio tape broadcast over the same period approach. Ye Hao, whether vocal, dance, Ye Hao, many of the instrumental performer needs to do a lot of early studio recordings, putting in a lot of manpower, money and time. Use of MIDI technology, it will save many human and financial resources, time, and can improve efficiency several times.????MIDI technology, the basic concept ofMIDI (sound-based "Midi) stands for musical instrument digital interface, or musical instrument digital interface, is also a dedicated instrument interface standard.MIDI is just a communication standard, which is from the electronic musical instrument manufacturers have built up, to determine the computer music program, synthesizers and other electronic audio devices to exchange information and control signals approach.MIDI system actually is a composer, orchestration, electronic simulation performance system. Transferred from a MIDI device to another MIDI device up the data is MIDI information. MIDI data is not digital audio waveform, but the music, code, or said electronic musical scores.TV show's music director can use MIDI function supporting music, or by MI-DI standard music data generated media, or play music directly.If the computer is equipped with advanced MIDI software library can be music creation, music printing, programming, music, adjustment, audio range, and the pace of the speed, coordination between the various voices, reverb from MIDI to control to complete.The use of MIDI technology, electronic synthesizers, electronic rhythm machine (drum machine) and other electronic audio and sequence can be connected together to perform simulated imposing, ever-changing sound of the acoustics, but also will perform in a variety of key data stored, greatly improved the ability of music and conditions.A variety of MIDI devices used to connect the cables used for the five-core cable, usually people also call it MIDI cable.MIDI system How does it workMIDI composer and nuclear Orchestration is a core part of the system known as the sequencer software. The software that can be loaded to a personal computer, it can be done in a dedicated hardware. Serial device is actually a musical word processor (word porcessor), use it to record, play and edit a variety of MIDI instrumental music. Serial device does not really record sounds, which only record and playback MIDI information, the information from the MIDI instrument to the computer information, as printed on paper, like music, and it does not directly produce music, MIDI itself can not produce music , but it includes how to generate sound

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