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Loudspeaker Polarity

loudspeaker of the pin polarity is relative, in the same room as long as the use of polarity of eachloudspeaker can be consistent with the provisions.When using more than one speaker, for this reason need to distinguish between the loudspeaker  pin polarity: two loudspeakers are not the same polarity in series or in parallel, the current flows through the two  loudspeakers in a different direction, one from the voice coil The first flows into a tail from the voice coil, so that when a vibration of the  loudspeaker cone forward, another backward vibration of only the speaker cone, two  loudspeakerscone vibration phase contrast, some of the air vibration be offset by the energy. So they requested that more than one speaker in the same room, when used in the same polarity in series or parallel in order to enable the loudspeaker cone vibration in the same direction.



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