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How to identify the speaker sound quality

Although any speaker has its strong point and weakness, especially under the limited budget, the low price speaker is not easy to obtain acme of perfection the effect, but regardless of any price and the level speaker says, has certain reference standard or refers to fords the direction. 1. test low frequency quality the inferior speaker produces low frequency may be rumbles the ear, if deaf, but is completely that kind of extremely fat pine is thick, lacks the sense of depth and ties the true feelings. Good low frequency should be pure sprightly, each level clearly demarcated, will not be loathsome, the ghost will not disperse resembles, even if each kind of low frequency musical instrument like size drumbeat, bass guitar and piano's bass, can distinguish easily. Therefore do not cheat easily by the low frequency feeling of quantity, inferior low frequency was inferior that does the sound only to come the nature to be comfortable. 2. test intermediate frequency's sounds of people the sounds of people are the sound which most often hears, the fit and unfit quality are not difficult to realize that pays attention the sounds of people whether to have the unusual nasal or feeling which purses the lips to emit sound was thought. Some speakers " the box sound " similarly will disturb the intermediate frequency greatly, will make this frequency band the sound to be slurred. The intermediate frequency sound dyes is opposite rate sound dyes in other frequency the says is more serious, because majority of may hear the sound frequency, perhaps music frequency concentrates in the intermediate frequency scope, this several speaking of all type's music, can become the barrier which rebroadcasts.

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