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How to correctly operate audio system switches

A stereo system is composed of many independent units consisting of speaker, such as: tuner, insert, EQ, LD machines or VCD players and AV amplifiers and so on. These units require 220V AC power plug inserted into the board. It was for the convenience of save trouble, shut down the power when a pull on the bolt all switched off; boot is also an open-bolt on the power of all. Such a solution may save trouble, but there are hidden dangers. Because this operation will produce anti-peak surge current and voltage, these two shocks tend to damage audio equipment. Some equipment damage mostly in the boot or a shutdown of the moment generated, while the wells of non-normal state working damaged.????Surge current: a hi-fi equipment by resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers and other components of the composition. They are in the cold pre-boot state. Boot, the resistor is small, so large instantaneous current is 2.5-3.5 times the normal operating current. This current is known as the surge current, which can cause damage to the circuit.????Anti-peak voltage: Inductors, transformers and other units have a feature that is added in the circuit when a voltage or a voltage is removed, its cells will produce a counter-electromotive force to stop this voltage change. Then when the boot of a voltage when added to the inductor component, it generates a counter electromotive force to prevent the establishment of this voltage, but the power supply voltage of the energy keeps flowing, so the back-EMF voltage can only offer a damping effect on the circuit much. However, the situation is different when the shutdown, when the shutdown, the circuit produces a back-EMF does not have any stop, this voltage is the anti-peak voltage, which is 9 times the normal voltage. Although its current is small, but the voltage is high, causing a shock to the device. So every one sound unit inrush current and counter-peak voltages are simultaneously acting on audio equipment and causing a big impact, easy to equipment damage. States in this, the audio unit one by one, the best sequence of startup and shutdown. The boot sequence is correct audio signal flow in accordance with the direction of the boot: in turn open the card connector, CD machine, LD machines or VCD machine, tuner, equalizer, finally open the power amplifier.???The proper shutdown sequence is to switch off power amplifier first, then off other equipment.???Currently, in order to easy to use, there is a delayed-type inventions abroad, the power latch plate. The first group received a direct switch jack jack; second group of receptacles, when booting the machine in this way, it can delay 1s (seconds) before power is switched on; third group of receptacles, when booting the machine in this way, it can delay When 2s (seconds) before power is switched on; fourth group of receptacles, as this path of the machine booting, it can be connected to the power delay 3s. Shutdown Similarly, also at different times of the power shutdown. This prevents inrush current and the role of anti-peak voltage at the same time on all devices at the expense of the phenomenon of audio equipment.

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