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How to choose loudspeakers -page2

Also requested loudspeaker system in the amount of the input signal overload situation, will not be damaged, which have higher reliability.Main technical characteristics of loudspeaker system applications:loudspeaker  system has a number of occasions with the use of sound effects and directly related to the technical characteristics of these technologies in order to make the best use of live features, a user must understand them.1) The Road (2 sub-band) and three-way (three-way) speaker systemThe audio signal spectrum with a wide range to 20Hz-20kHz signal to use a loudspeaker unit is unable to meet the frequency response of the whole; ordinary 12-inch large-diameter loudspeaker unit, bass characteristics of a good little distortion, but more than 1.5kHz signal, its performance on the very bad; 1-2 inch tweeters unit (tweeter compression drivers) than 3kHz signal playback performance of good, but you can not replay the tone and the bass signal. So there will be a unit formed by a variety of frequency response of the speaker system, from the bass (with bass) and treble (with alt) two kinds of modules, known as the Road loudspeaker system, from the bass, the tone and pitch 3 kinds of modules, known as the three-way systems.Road loudspeaker  system is simple, relatively low cost, in order to address the lack of this mid-range frequencies, so some manufacturers use a bad method of folding, that is on the network at the sub-frequency woofer frequency response characteristics of the upward movement, the Tweeter frequency characteristics remains to be seen moving down. Another problem is that, sub-frequency crossover points, frequency can only be set at between 500Hz-2kHz, and this area is the human voice and music an important part of the spectrum. Therefore, in hearing Exalted leave "empty" feeling and hear the distortion. Also because of this, three-way speaker of the loudspeaker unit are correspondingly



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